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Private Lessons

Private lessons are one teacher to a student or couple.  Work with an instructor to learn the dance of your choice.  Dancing is a great physical activity. Every minute you can spend moving your body to music, whether alone or with a partner, will work wonders for your progress.

1 Lesson - $100

3 Lessons - $270 (breakdown $90/hr)

{Each session is 55min}


Prices are for lessons with 1 or 2 people.

Group Lessons

Group classes are held on Monday and Tuesdays evenings.

Click here for our calendar

Private Group Lessons

You pick the day, the time and the people for your group class in a private lesson setting!! 
Call 772-766-0578 or

772-766-0579 to schedule.
Prices start at $35/person (minimum of 4 people)

Wedding Dance Lessons

Your guests are waiting anxiously.  

Your parents and new in-laws are all smiles. 

You wrap your arms around his neck.  He wraps his around your waist.  You both stare adoringly into each others eyes and start swaying back and forth.  The "High School Waddle" is in full swing and after a few moments of polite watching everyone is back in conversation.  
It's a scene that is repeated over and over again at weddings everywhere.  Make yours stand out, not only to your guests, but to you and your spouse.
We will help you interpret your song through fluid movements, topped off with a dash of wow!  You will keep all your guests enamored as you spin and twirl your way across the dance floor creating a memory to start a lifetime.  

Call or text 772-766-0578 for more info

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